USD/CAD – Reversals On Route ?

Backtracking to our “Oil Super Cycle In Motion” article published on the 10th of March, we have seen major movements in the Dollar as well as some price action to cover on Oil. Looking to the left, we have USD/CAD where price was consolidated within a daily range as we awaited further downside and toContinue reading “USD/CAD – Reversals On Route ?”


The US equities market enjoyed a slight rebound last week on the back of positive economic data pointing towards a recovery within the US economy. Investors will keep an eye on this week’s fundamental docket as inflation continues to weigh on market sentiment.  Friday saw The flash Markit US Composite PMI Index coming in atContinue reading “INDICES MARKET OUTLOOK – 24 MAY 2021”

Indices Market Outlook – 17 May 2021

The US equities market closed lower last week as inflationary data came in higher than expected sending treasury yields higher. The Dow Jones, S&P500 and NASDAQ closed at -1.14%, -1.39% and -2.34% respectively as they managed to recover for most of Friday on the back of Retail Sales coming out lower than expected which seemedContinue reading “Indices Market Outlook – 17 May 2021”

Indices Market Outlook 12/04/21

The US equities market closed higher on Friday with investor confidence being boosted on the back of positive economic data as well as reflation hopes being led by President Biden’s stimulus package. The NASDAQ, S&P500 and Dow Jones closed +0.51%, +0.77% and +0.89% respectively.  There has been a seasonal downtrend in volume and volatility withContinue reading “Indices Market Outlook 12/04/21”

Market Outlook 29/03/2021

The past two months in the equities market has shown a clear divergence between the tech-heavy NASDAQ and the blue chip Dow Jones. We’ve seen pandemic winners such as information technology being swapped out for cyclical names such as energy, material and the financial sector. Since the beginning of February 2021, the Dow Jones hasContinue reading “Market Outlook 29/03/2021”


In todays blog at AspireFX we are going to be covering a worldwide hot topic; the 220 000 ton mega ship, the Ever Given that’s blocking the Suez Canal.  A sand storm and high winds causing a lack in visibility is said to be the reason behind this enormous vessel getting lodged into the banks ofContinue reading “SUEZ CANAL – DAYS OR WEEKS?”

Market Outlook 22/03/21

US equities were treated to a week full of fundamentals as we had an FOMC meeting which could be the catalyst to send the stock market on its way to new all time highs or could be the catalyst to send tech stocks even lower. Last week saw Fed Chairman Jerome Powell come out andContinue reading “Market Outlook 22/03/21”